The Sounds of Loneliness

It is a scientific fact that we are a very special species. It almost seems like interaction between ourselves and other humans is a necessity of life. When we are surrounded by close friends and family we tend to feel extremely loved and are usually very happy. But, if we are denied those interactions then we become lonely and feel very sad.

It is also a fact that we navigate our world by our five senses, one of which is sound. Our world is full of sounds and they can have both positive and negative effects on us. For example, the sounds of a child’s laughter melts our hearts and makes us feel happy, or the sound of a bird singing makes us feel relaxed and content, or a sad song makes us feel sad. Did you know that sounds not only come literally but metaphorically as well?

We are complicated creatures who are full of, and driven by, emotions that impact us all day, every day. Scientists still have not cracked the coding behind our emotional engine or how it all works.

As I have already demonstrated, literal sounds have an impact on our emotions and overall mood. But what about metaphoric sounds? What is a metaphoric sound? It is an action.

Sadness is an emotion that causes a lot of problems for most people. What is one of the biggest conditions that causes sadness?


Loneliness has many sounds to it but as you will see, those sounds are almost always part of the same song.

So, what does loneliness sound like? It sounds like being picked last, or not being picked at all, when players are being chosen by sports team captains. It sounds like a spouse wanting a divorce. It sounds like being in a room full of people and being ignored by all of them. It sounds like being locked away and forgotten or abandoned by everyone you once knew. It sounds like a parent who refuses to spend time with their child. It sounds like a person who refuses to spend time with their spouse. It sounds like a friend who turns their back when you need their help. It sounds like not being desirable enough. Or, it could even sound like a society who thinks you are worthless.

Ultimately, the sounds of loneliness are part of the same song: rejection. This song is the largest contributor to depression which is the largest cause of suicides in our society. The sounds of loneliness are sounds that I wish we could not hear and are sounds that our world could do without.

The Sounds of Loneliness” was authored by Scotch. Scotch has been incarcerated for eight years.

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