Fountain Pen Education

We are committed to creating change by building meaningful connections, providing correspondence-based literacy instruction, and exemplifying compassion for striving men and women who are currently incarcerated in correctional facilities across the country.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe in a world where every individual has the opportunity of gaining an education. Our mission is to invest in education as a means of healing. We do that by creating educational programs and providing necessary resources to incarcerated individuals. Did you know that 70% of the prison population struggles to read above a 4th grade level? Our correspondence-based literacy instruction reaches through prison bars to lift and connect us through the power of writing.


Recent Insights

  • Being Human 101
    In one of my Fountain Pen connections, we began a discussion about challenges that we face. We talked about how each of us go through experiences that, when we look back, seemed to have been a fork in our journey. And, based on our reaction to those experiences, our life may have taken a veryContinue reading “Being Human 101”
  • The Sounds of Loneliness
    It is a scientific fact that we are a very special species. It almost seems like interaction between ourselves and other humans is a necessity of life. When we are surrounded by close friends and family we tend to feel extremely loved and are usually very happy. But, if we are denied those interactions thenContinue reading “The Sounds of Loneliness”
  • The Unaffected
    At a very young age, we are taught how to read and write. We learn to form words as we learn our a-b-c’s. We learn to read as we slowly sound out c-a-t. Over time, words turn into sentences and sounds turn into connections. Before we realize it, a whole new world opens up toContinue reading “The Unaffected”